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Clint Ivy asks:

So @Brian Norgard what does this tweet mean? “The largest product breakthrough in the history of Namesake occurred today at 6PM PST. We’re going to bet it all. Why not?”

An interesting Conversation on the future of social interaction and social media. This was a very powerful conversation with some great insights the human interaction.

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Mike Puangmalai ask:

What products have you seen where your first reaction was: “That’s f-ing brilliant. This is going to change everything.” Feel free to mention both your hits (i.e. iphone) and misses (i.e. palm). Read more…

Tim Trevathan ask:

Will The Banksters And The Corpocracy Eventually Own It All? | Referencing this Zero Hedge article.
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Annie Yang ask:

For the sake of becoming informed, is there anyone who can summarize as best as possible the conflict between Israel and Palestine? I find it a difficult issue to form an opinion about, and I’d like to hear someone else’s perspective. Read more…

Brian Norgard asks:

What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Read more…

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