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Life is About Symmetry

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/22564317 w=500&h=281]

I love the random symmetry in everything! I am forever preaching “balance” how everything need equal amount of its opposite to be good or at least more enjoyable because you understand what it means not to have the other. This video is awesome and will spark a few brain cells for you for sure. I watched it several times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

What does symmetry mean to you? How do you balance things out?

Drop me a comment and let me know.

YenYen 1 Year in Hawaii Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday we had a celebration for two reasons, one because Yen finally kicked off her new travel blog and video series over at Beach Bum Network and secondly because she wanted to celebrate her first complete year in Hawaii.

What makes this special to me is I was recently explaining to a friend in a life-coaching session (one of my many talents) how people do not really celebrate their victories any more. We all are so quick to say what went wrong about a situation and/or drag others into our BS issues but few celebrate the good things or as I say “Celebrate the Victories”. I think we need t celebrate all the victories no matter how big, small or seemingly inconsequential. Winning just feels good. When I close a deal, finish a milestone or even exercise everyday for a week I celebrate these accomplishments and give thanks to the universe and all those who helped me make it. It was nice to see Yen doing the same and I am proud to have become acquainted with her along her journey.

No more pity parties people and no more crap cultivation. I call this crap farming. By focusing on the crap, you just cultivate more crap. With your laser sights set on what can go wrong, you’ll over emphasize things that don’t go perfectly. Replacing worshiping failure with the celebration of incremental victories means that each retrospect finds ways to do things better (as opposed to stopping doing them wrong). This, in turn, creates teams that are hell-bent of improving – rather than avoiding pain.

Celebrate incremental victories! Take credit for jobs well done, and do them even better next time.

Don’t forget to visit my friend Yen at her new blog Beach Bum Network and say hello or send some Aloha.

See you at our next celebration.