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Hawaii Calls: Sending Some Aloha to Wetoku.com CoFounder David Lee

Today I had a chance to speak with David Lee of Wetoku.com (play on the words We Talk) about his great new service that allows bloggers to record interviews and post them to their blogs.

According to David Wetoku for Bloggers can be used to produce recordings of interviews that can easily be embedded into many blogging platforms.  Bloggers can use their webcams to meet with someone interesting over the web, with no software to install.  The recording is immediately available, with embed code that can be pasted directly into a new blog entry.

The most intriguing feature for me is the speed and ease of the whole process. Record, copy the embed code and post and share. Since I post with Posterous it is wicked fast to get the interviews plastered all over all of my social properties.

Show some #Aloha by following @Wetoku on Twitter! http://twitter.com/wetoku and thanks to David you can sign up for the beta by being one of the first 100 bloggers to go to Wetoku.com and sign up for an account and enter DOCROCK as the Invite Code.

Much Mahalo to David and the staff at Wetoku.com and I look forward to rocking this little jem of a WebApp for many interviews to come. I wonder if I can get Megan Fox to do an Wetoku Interview.

Hurry stop reading this and go sing up and start interviewing.


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We made it on WeToku’s Blog

Lanai and I did an interview on how to do an interview just playing around and testing out this great new service call Wetoku. Check us out on Wetoku’s Blog

This great idea was created by David Lee(@davidyhlee) and James Lee(@_James_Lee) allows blogger to place recorded video interviews on their sites.  What an excellent way to interact with your readers, do some training of your team, practice your Pinyin, Hangul or Nihongo.  The service is in private beta for now and once I get my hands on some invites I’ll share the Aloha. For now the best way to get invited it to follow @Wetoku@davidyhlee@_James_Lee@docrock and @lanaithedj on twitter.

I’ll be recording more interviews soon so keep checking the twitterverse to see who in next. If you have something cool you want to show me let me know I’ll put you on too.

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HotStuff: TBUZZ Links sharing via Twitter

Image representing Arc90 as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

The uber code designers at Arc90.com have just blessed us with yet another url based link sharer for Twitter.  The DiggBar, HootSuite, TwitPwr and Tweetie all have this feature but this one is different.  Arc90 is famous for their successful app Readability , which added the end all be all feature of removing the clutter from what we like to read online.  Completely outdoing InstaPaper, Readability just got it right.

Well I’m here to tell you that for now there is no better link sharer for twitter than TBUZZ.

TBUZZ offers the same basic features but also allows you to see who else is trending what you are sharing.  Sounds funny but watch the video and you’ll get it.

[vimeo 4548135 550 413]

You can install TBUZZ in just a few seconds by visiting:


If you have not tried Readability then please try this one too. You’ll be much happier.

Safari 4 is Super Hot!


Apple has just released a beta of their Safari web browser for the Mac and for the PC. Judging by previous “beta” releases from Apple, the quality should be very high and the browser should be very useable now.

Amongst the raft of cool and new features on Safari 4 are:

Full-Page Zoom – Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom. To add the Zoom button to your toolbar, simply choose Customize toolbar from the View menu and drag the button onto your toolbar.

Speculative Loading – Safari loads the documents, scripts, and style information required to view a web page ahead of time, so they’re ready when you need them.

Cover Flow for Bookmarks – Using Cover Flow, you can flip through websites as easily as you flip through album art in iTunes. Cover Flow displays your bookmarks and history as large graphical previews, so you can pick out a website instantly.

Smart Address Field – Enter web addresses quickly and easily. As you begin to type an address in the address field, Safari automatically completes it with the most likely match — called the Top Hit — and highlights it. Simply press the Enter key to connect to the site. If the Top Hit is not the site you intended to visit, check the list of relevant suggestions, drawn from your bookmarks and browsing history, that Safari displays. Click to select the site you want to visit.

CSS Effects – Pioneered by Safari, CSS effects help developers add polish to websites by stylizing images and photos with eye-catching gradients, precise masks, and stunning reflections that require only a few lines of code.

Acid 3 Compliance

Safari is the first — and only — web browser to pass Acid 3. Acid 3 tests a browser’s ability to fully render pages using the web standards used to build dynamic, next-generation websites, including CSS, JavaScript, XML, and SVG

HTML 5 Offline Support – Web developers can now create applications that you can use even when you don’t have access to the Internet. Thanks to HTML 5 offline support, designers can build web applications that store themselves on your computer, where you have immediate access to them. Along with the application, web developers can also choose to store the application’s data on your system, so you always have the information you need. Applications and data can be stored in a traditional SQL-like database serving as an application cache or as a “super cookie,” which stores data in the familiar cookie format.

Nitro JavaScript Engine – Safari 4 introduces the Nitro JavaScript engine, an advanced bytecode JavaScript engine that makes web browsing even faster. In fact, Safari 4 executes JavaScript up to 6 times faster than Internet Explorer 8 and up to 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1.