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New Video! – ???? (Eisa) – Okinawan Dance Show

During my trip to Okinawa (3/2015) I discovered a really awesome ???? dance exibition in my hotel the Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay.

The Eisa is a Okinawan Folk Dance is a form of Bon dance used to honor their ancestors and the spirits that watch over their islands, homes, farms and families. The Eisa and Kach?sh? dances are also preformed at versions celebrations like weddings, sumo matches and other winning celebrations. To watch on Youtube: http://ift.tt/1wQ4ihb Please subscribe to the channel

New Video! – NEW: Introducing Iichiko BAR FRUITS Ume and Yuzu Flavored Shochu

Celebrating the launch of iichiko BAR FRUITS Souchu in Honolulu, HAWAII I decided to make a video that explains what shouchu is and how this amazing new product taste. iichiko Bar Fruits Yuzu is a very refreshing and tangy Citrus flavored shochu that can be enjoyed straight or as a mixer. Like iichiko Bar Fruits Yuzu, the Ume flavored version too can be enjoyed straight up or as a mixer. Both version are available now initial only in Hawaii and most major outlets, selected restaurants and your favorite watering holes. iichiko Bar Fruits can be enjoyed chilled to warm and make great compliments to spicy, grilled or fried foods.

When you enjoy remember to say #iichikokanpai when you toast. To watch on Youtube: http://ift.tt/1zcNr7g Please subscribe to the channel

New Video! – iPhone 6 Launch Day Line-walk Waikiki, Hawaii

This is what the madness looked like at Royal Hawaiian Apple Store on iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus launch day in Waikiki Hawaii.

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