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Has Twitter Lost it’s Power? Eh… No!

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The is a lot of fodder flying around the blogosphere after Neilson’s report on Twitter Retention.  I think the study was a bit flawed and needed a bit more foundation on real people not just numbers.

My chime in on the conversation as posted on Linkedin.com Twitter Group:

As with any new from of communication there will always be those that dont get it. This was true, of email, pagers, cellphones and blogs. All of the aforementioned are very pervasive now and are just common vernacular today.

Twitter has bot the power and the buzz to be the next household communications word.

You may not get it now but than you may not be trying to get it because there is no immediate upside for you business today, don’t let this get you out of the conversation.  Todays memetic behaviors of consumers often spread faster than the swine flu when the right catalyst hits.  Twitter is just waiting one of these catalyst. ie: @AplusK and @CNN battle and @oprah

My advise hang in there, just start communicating with people, network, look around but don’t try to sell yet, when the damn burst you’ll be there.  Keep the big white Motorola Cellphone in the back of your mind thinking of the days when we all said who the heck needs to be that ready to use a phone… my god that thing is huge… cellphones “I don’t get it…

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HowTo: Getting Started With MyAlltop @ Alltop.com

Let’s just say I Love Alltop. It is the easiest way to get all the news and information you need to get you through the day, learn a new skill or just brush up on trivia before talking to that irritating boss or brother in law.  I found the tutorial on the AllTop Blog.

How to Get Started With MyAlltop: http://adjix.com/p3j7

First, here’s an introduction to Alltop, so you can understand what they are trying to do.

Alltop News and Updates: How to Get Started With MyAlltop: http://adjix.com/p3j7

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Stupid but True: Why do you never see baby pigeons?


Do you remember ever seeing a baby pigeon?

First of all, unlike dippy little English sparrows or robins, pigeons hide their nests.

Back when they emerged in Asia (evidently, they were nature-living animals, once), pigeons were cliff-dwellers. So now they balance their messy nests of sticks inside the guts of bridges, or atop tall buildings, or on top of your air conditioner. Pigeons are also extraordinarily greedy and the babies, or squabs, pork out constantly. The doting parents don’t feed these butter-balls your typical bird baby-food. These birdlets get something called “pigeon milk,” and the faint-of-stomach may not wish to explore this paragraph further. Both parents manufacture in their crop, or throat, a rich, fatty “milk” that looks much like yellow cottage cheese. They ralph this delicacy up and expel it into the throats of their darlings. You can see this white stuff glowing in the crops of the squabs. They’re just full of it.

The parents will feed the babies until they’re totally feathered out, until they are of an equal size or bigger to their parents. You know when people eat squab, that’s when they take ’em — when they’re nice and plump.” Squab, for the culinarily challenged, being baby pigeon.

The fact that pigeons only lay two eggs at a time means that they can spoil their little darlings, unlike some other birds that produce several babies, half of which drop dead leaving only the strongest.

This leads me on to my theory as to why pigeons are stupid, a lack of natural selection against the really thick ones just doesn’t happen in childhood and the bad genes don’t get weeded out of the gene pool. But that has nothing to do with the original question.

Care to practice finding the youngsters? Look for them in the spring and summer.

They may have stray strands of down poking through their feathers.
They may retain a trace of the “lip” around their beak that gives the parents a wider ralphing target.
Their heads may be narrower.
They may be shy. They’re more timid, They won’t be professional in going after the best food.

I took these pics while going to school in Kanagawa, Japan in Hiratsuka-Shi @ Tokai University Shonan