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Tea Time: Jade Pouchong Oolong by The Tea Chest

In this edition of Tea Time I’ll be showing my buddy Derek Gabriel (@dsghi) founder and developer of Coffee Fetch the wonders of Jade Pouchong Oolong from The Tea Chest (@teachest).  I will show him proper water temps and the correct brewing methods and hopefully convert this coffee guy to a tea drinker.

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Oolong – Brewing the Perfect Pot

Oolong or Wulong Cha is one of the best and healthiest teas around. Oolong tea is also referred to as an aromatic tea, and it features popular flavors rich in exquisite aroma. Oolong is sometimes referred to as white tea as it’s right between green and black in the oxidation process and the leave have a whitish color. Many people have been turned off by oolong or wulong because the only experiences they’ve had were most likely from burnt and bitter brewing techniques. I’ll show you how to brew the most perfect pot of oolong tea.

My Supplies:

Octavia Silver Dragon Oolong
Breville Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle
– Manchester United Cup
– Tea Strainer

High quality oolong can be brewed several times from the same leaves and, unlike other teas, it improves with rebrewing: it is common to brew the same leaves three to five times, the third or fourth steeping usually being considered the best. There are many taste in oolong ranging from refreshing, invigorating flavors to mellow, soothing flavors, all with their own distinctive appeal.

Good High Quality Oolong from Adagio and Lupicia Oolong or a few more of my favorites. You can get really good quality teas for a lot cheaper in your Chinatown district of your home town but you may need to ask for the good stuff or they’ll sell you the tourist crap if you are not stern on wanting quality.