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Dollar Shave Club 4X – Unboxing

It’s true Dollar Shave Club Razors are Fucking Great. I finally got mine today and I am very impressed at the quality of these Razors.

I got he 4X as a test to see if I would like them and may think of upgrading them later to Executive. Ok the Costco reference is $46 bucks for a 16 pack and the Dollar Shave Club 4X if $6 per month just so you know.

If you wanna check out Dollar Shave Club from this link http://bit.ly/AqODFt

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Dollar Shave Club Has Great Customer Service

I absolutely love Dollar Shave Club! Even after a potential #FAIL I still love this company. They just informed me they are not shipping my razors today and I’m not mad at them… Why? Because of the way they handled the situation. I say even more they deserve your support. Besides that you’ll have a nice smooth grill so you can holla at the ladies!


Dollar Shave Club has some great customer service. This video is a quick reminder of how a little good communication with your customers can go a long way in the CRM (customer relationship management) arena of doing business.

### What’s Dollar Shave Club

If you don’t know what Dollar Shave Club is… It’s a subscription based service that mails out quality men’s shaving razors for some crazy insane low prices.

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