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Tell Your Partner I Said Phone Snooping is a Felony


If you like to scope out your partners phone because you’re psycho, jealous or just lack self-esteem to trust them… Know this looking at someone else’s phone spouse, BF, GF, LifePartner or whatever is a Class C Felony. Watch my KITV interview. Don’t go to jail because you are a psycho freak 😉

“Let’s Keep It Clean” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 4

This is the fourth episode of our Nonstop Tech Podcast, produced by the Nonstop Tech team,

In this episode, we cover ultimate protections cases for your iPhone; Jetpack Joyride; making your computer perform better and last longer with a few easy cleaning tips; more iPhone fun and games with Spy Mouse; and a killer iPhone 4 professional video shooting tool Filmic Pro.

Show Notes
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