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Today on Namesake

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Here are some of the great conversations happening “Today on Namesake”

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Clint Ivy asks:

So @Brian Norgard what does this tweet mean? “The largest product breakthrough in the history of Namesake occurred today at 6PM PST. We’re going to bet it all. Why not?”

An interesting Conversation on the future of social interaction and social media. This was a very powerful conversation with some great insights the human interaction.

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Mike Puangmalai ask:

What products have you seen where your first reaction was: “That’s f-ing brilliant. This is going to change everything.” Feel free to mention both your hits (i.e. iphone) and misses (i.e. palm). Read more…

Tim Trevathan ask:

Will The Banksters And The Corpocracy Eventually Own It All? | Referencing this Zero Hedge article.
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Annie Yang ask:

For the sake of becoming informed, is there anyone who can summarize as best as possible the conflict between Israel and Palestine? I find it a difficult issue to form an opinion about, and I’d like to hear someone else’s perspective. Read more…

Brian Norgard asks:

What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Read more…

Still not on Namesake?

Go to Namesake.com and just sign-up and setup your profile and join the fun conversations.

What is Namesake? Namesake is a community for real conversation. It’s easy to find the people and topics that make life interesting — discover new people, build trust and improve your life.

HotStuff: TBUZZ Links sharing via Twitter

Image representing Arc90 as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

The uber code designers at Arc90.com have just blessed us with yet another url based link sharer for Twitter.  The DiggBar, HootSuite, TwitPwr and Tweetie all have this feature but this one is different.  Arc90 is famous for their successful app Readability , which added the end all be all feature of removing the clutter from what we like to read online.  Completely outdoing InstaPaper, Readability just got it right.

Well I’m here to tell you that for now there is no better link sharer for twitter than TBUZZ.

TBUZZ offers the same basic features but also allows you to see who else is trending what you are sharing.  Sounds funny but watch the video and you’ll get it.

[vimeo 4548135 550 413]

You can install TBUZZ in just a few seconds by visiting:


If you have not tried Readability then please try this one too. You’ll be much happier.

Twitter Moved the Cheese A Bit, Tweeps Freaked

#fixreplies 090514
Image by Alex.Yu ??? via Flickr

There was a bit of twermoil i the #Twitterverse when Twitter decided to remove one-sided @replies in the twitter stream. What this means is you will no longer see replies made from someone you follow to someone you do not follow. You follow me and I follow you I will see your tweets, thats normal right? However, if you reply to someone I’m not following I will no no longer be able to see it.  Yeah I know confusing,  I too said “Say What”. Thats how we find new people especially back in the day when there were so few of us on twitter. I’ve meet some great new people this way and have expanded my personal network.

Twitter has just pissed off the PowerUsers trying to make this more palatable to the common user. Remember they have a big amount of investors skin in the game.  They are just trying to respond to the stupid retention fiasco from last week. I think the report was majority flawed but thats a different story. There are many a great tool designed to handle this issue. Twitter should leave this alone and just explain to people how Tweetie, Tweettgroups and Tweetworks all fix this.

Check out #FixReplies to get a better understanding of this. Twitter @Replies FTW!

The Importance of Discovery

Spotting new folks in tweets is an interesting way to check out new profiles and find new people to follow. Despite this update, you’ll still see mentions or references linking to people you don’t follow.

For example, you’ll continue to see, “Ev meeting with @biz about work stuff” even if you don’t follow @biz. We’ll be introducing better ways to discover and follow interesting accounts as we release more features in this space.

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