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Siri is Not A Toy – Siriously

Will tomorrow means the first official week of everybody owning their brand-new iPhone 4S and having a chance to play with Apple’s new voice recognition and voice assisted application Siri. For the most part is seems af if Siri is for just asking it really stupid questions and attempting to find out the meaning of life. Siri is a lot smarter than that so I was glad when I ran across this video by Macworld editor Jason Snell where he put Siri through its paces asking it more practical things.

Due to issues of my contract I’m going to have to wait another month and a half before I can get my new iPhone 4S but Siri is definitely one of the applications I look forward most using. Even with all of the marriage request, lewd comments, repeated requests for knock knocks and otherwise wiseass things thrown at this new digital assistant as a GTDer I can see some serious value in the way speaking to your iPhone will help you get things done throughout the day.