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I Finally Found My iPad, Kindle, Book Holder Under $20

I have looks all over the internets for the one thing that will finally allow me to use my iPad and Bluetooth Keyboard in an ergonomic fashion. I was so very close to getting the Griffin A-Frame which sells for about $50 and has been highly recommended all over the web. Then I saw this baby while doing a last minute look before i bought the Griffin A-Frame.

The Bookgem is made for reading books, e-book readers and it works with the ipad according to the video. It has two folding legs and two spring loaded arms that hold a book or an iPad firmly in place. The flexibility of the device is it can hold books, e-readers or iPad in many positions including laying down in bead or sitting in a chair.

You can get it from Amazon.com

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USA Today: Jefferson Graham’s iPad Review Video

I’m confused weather he really likes it or not, he seems to keep going back and forth. One thing I think he totally missed s the how to get media into the device. He said he did not want to just iTunes as the only way in and out but did not elude as to why not.

Documents are easily emailed to your self or synced via Pages, Google Docs, Zoho or countless other file mover type iPhone apps. Movies can be converted via VLC, QuickTime and two hundred other iPod Video Converters as they have been since people started stealing movies nearly ten years ago. so I’m not sure why he is bitching.

Anyway we may have to post the how to after we get one in house.

Moleskine: The Capture Tool That Oozes Cool!

One of my goals for 2010 is to write more. My major way of achieving this was to get started by keeping a journal. I recently listened to an audiobook by Jim Rohn about journaling and found that it isa good way to keep track of ones progress in business and personal development goals.

So off the the Bookstores I went looking for a great journal to buy. I need a good, sexy, nice paper and quality book. See all the advise I found about journaling said get a good book as it will make you feel better about writing. (they all also said not to journal on your computer). So as I looked at the many options I feel in love with the cult like appeal of the “Moleskine Large Journals”.

It is Moleskine (mol-a-skeen’-a). So please stop saying mole skin or mole skine (sounds like old wine).

I have been using the small pocket sized Moleskine notebooks for over a year due to my GTD addiction and have had great success with the overall quality, look and feel, and style of these little guys. I also found a good leather bound journal can cost upwards of $100 bucks or nearly $.34 a page; whereas, my new Moleskine would only cost about $.06 a page. Good value, great looks, soft cover, and a big pocket in the back as well as the Moleskine legacy… I’m Hooked.

The large sized square ruled notebook is great for my journaling, mind mapping new ideas, keeping my GTD weekly reviews, and the grids help me sketch out my concepts of taking over the world. I tend to write in my notebooks with TUL Fine Needle Point pens (Office Max) and in my journal with a Montblanc Starwalker Fineliner Resin and the paper hold up to the ink really well. There is very little to no bleed through effectively giving me the ability to write on both sides without the distraction of ink seeping through.

If you have not tried a Moleskine I suggest heading over to your local Barnes and Nobles and grabbing some.

I’ve since added the 2010 Moleskine 365 Desk Calendar and Moleskine 2010 Daily Planner Box Set to my growing Moleskine collection. I also keep giving them away to people who I think need to be better organized. they are awesome gifts.

Moleskine FTW!

I Think I’m Turning Veganese

Hale Modern Macrobiotic Cuisine is absolutely the bomb. Let me start by saying that I am a carnivore, a died in the wool backyard barbecue, mac cave meat eater. that said I was a bit leery about eating some full on Birkenstock clad tree hugger fare which in my mind automatically meant no flavor or even Tofurky was gonna enter my temple of a body.

I stand fully corrected, this stuff rocks and not only looks like food It actually tastes like food. I had Kuruma-Fu Katsu with the Apple Miso sauce for lunch and it was incredible. You are not gonna believe me when I say it was actually better than real chicken katsu but really it is true not even fingers crossed true-ish. I was pleasantly surprised.

Look I gotta tell you whats even better is I liked it so much I came back for dinner and had the Killer Kajiki Burger with Basil Cream Sauce. Hands down the best Fishwich in the Islands. It is served on a heavenly whole wheat grilled bun with micro greens and a sweet onion.

By the way my only knock might be desert but it was just good not quite broke the mouth; however, that may be due to the lack or processed sugars.

It is not the cheapest lunch by any means but Hale is well worth the money and well it won’t kill you.

Since my initial feat of eating Vegan food at Hale Last week friday I have eaten here 4 times in the last week.

I think I might need to buy some organic clothes, grow a beard and bathe myself in lavender and pachouli essence.