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Okonomiyaki at Chibo. Just like Japan.

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Edit: Adding my Yelp Review Here Too

I loved Chibo!

The food is great and not that expensive once you realize that many of the ingredients have to be imported from Japan and cannot just be substituted for what we have here in country.

There is a huge quality difference in baseline ingredients here vs Japan. You’ll have to trust me or just go visit Japan to see for your self.

I got the Buta Niku (pork) and Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki, a side of grilled potatoes with bacon and a bottle of Nigorizake about $36 for all of that and it was awesome. As close to Japan food as you may get here in Hawaii.

The chef’s and waiter were friendly and no I wasn’t on vacation nor am I Japanese as one reviewer stated (although I a pretty fluent and I spoke to them in Janglish). Our chef was even flirting with the ladies in our party. If your nice to them I think they open up a bit.

I read several of the reviews and I think there are some very interesting misconceptions of what Teppanyaki is all about

I spent some time in Japan and ate out a lot due to the dorm rooms of my university have a smallish kitchen. There are tons of Teppanyaki-style places to eat in Japan most of them have no show.

The showy performance you get from places like Benihana or Tanaka’s of Tokyo is just not the normal thing. They were adapted for Western Lifestyle. Most Teppanyaki Chefs, Ramen Masters, and the like (not cooks like a Highway Diner) have years of specialized training as you would see in martial arts, many are multigenerational tradesmen that have have Teppanyaki in their family history for thousands of years. They just don’t do onion volcanos and it doesn’t matter they make food and they make it awesome with so much attention to detail and plenty of care put into everything.

You can have you show I’ll take the end results anyday.