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Douche Parking of The Week! (10/30/2010)

I saw her and her man-sheep get out and there she stood as they watched me taking the pics of her car. She boldly asked me why the fuck I was taking pictures. Being the Me that I am I told her… For my Douchebag Parking of the Week Awards… It’s for idiots who think they own the whole goddamn lot and don’t care if the screwup parking for like ten other people, The selfish basters are especially fucktarded when thy have a small car and can’t park.
She grabbed her purse tightly and ran into Ross’s.
I told her to follow me on Facebook!!

Douche Parking of The Week!

Ok so I skipped a few weeks of my photo series about the worst of the worst selfish douchebag parking infractions.

This weeks installment showcases this lovely gem of a fucktard who first bought a Nissan Sentra with pleather seats but then to protect his $14,000 investment he/she decided to park this POS sideways in the Target Parking lot. Hey, fucknugget it’s a muthafunking Sentra. I have a three weeks old Bimmer and I don’t park it crooked. I could buy three Sentras and have some cheddar left over for Target Shopping. Really?

Congratulations you are my Douche Parking Winner of the week!