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“Gotta Have It Gadgets” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 11

This is the eleventh episode of our “Nonstop Tech Podcast, produced by the Nonstop Tech team. Featuring the Blackmagic Designs Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt http://dcrk.me/wHkIOv

In this episode we discuss the cool gadgets that have been recently released and explain why you just gotta have them. @Docrock and @JeromeKoehler give you some insights on Photoshop Touch http://dcrk.me/xtfkJj, Day One Journal for Mac and iOS http://dcrk.me/ynL5WK and a few more picks for the week.

Big Mahalos to The Green House Innovation Hub for the new studio location

Show Notes

File Salvage http://dcrk.me/A7TWRX
Doc?s Day One review and tutorial http://dcrk.me/ynL5WK
Doc?s Clear for iPhone review http://dcrk.me/x42UjW
Nikon V1 http://dcrk.me/A932l0
Tweetbot http://dcrk.me/AAZ6dq
Intensity Extreme http://dcrk.me/wHkIOv
Cosmonaut Stylus http://dcrk.me/Aesnx6
The Glif by studio neat http://dcrk.me/w1eVTN
Photoshop Touch http://dcrk.me/xtfkJj
Tripletown http://dcrk.me/w7IQ0a
Kisai Seven http://dcrk.me/zEELHS
Apple Thunderbolt Cable http://dcrk.me/zfXahP
Day One http://dcrk.me/wRcXTe

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Doc’s Blog http://www.mrdocrock.com
Jerome?s Blog http://dcrk.me/AzSER1
John Garcia http://jgdm.com
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The Green House http://www.higreenhouse.com/
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