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If Your Marketing Department Is Not This Creative…Fire Them

Ok first to put tis in an American perspective AC Milan vs Real Madrid is the equivalent of The Cowboys vs The Steelers of the eighties only much grander. AC Milan is the most revered Italian football club and Real Madrid likewise for Spain. (footbal = soccer if your really lost). The game they played on October 21, 2009 had the fever of a old school Super Bowl and needless to say no real football fan would miss a game of this caliber…. well except cute overload girlfriends, sadistic professors and slave driver bosses. Well that is exactly who “The Green Bottlers” had convince these die hard AC Milan and Real Madrid fans to miss the big game. They we all sold or coerced on the idea of attending a classical music recital over watching sports history go down.

The rest of the story is magic. Watch the video to get the full monty on this. Oh the look on their faces when they finally heard the beautiful rendition of UEFA Champions League Theme crescendo from the orchestra…. classic

The magic is 1.5 million people saw them suffering on live TV and another 5 million on Heineken’s web site for this event and of course the huge press cavalcade afterwards.

This is guerrilla marketing history and how companies need to be thinking not out of the box but on the edge as Seth Godin would put in in his new book Linchpin.

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