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Rip DVD’s on Your Macintosh for Cheap

Rip DVD’s on a Macintosh?

A question I give very often about people switching to the Macintosh from the Windows environment, as well as from longtime seasoned Mac users, is how does one rip a DVD using the Macintosh platform. DVD ripping for a long time has been stuck somewhere between mysteries of lost treasure and geek speak that only the highly trained technical professionals could do without the aid of really clunky, expensive and malware laden programs of the Windows environment.

Welcome Mac DVDRipper Pro a very nice easy-to-use and polished DVD ripping tool for the Macintosh platform. DVD Ripper Pro allows you to copy your DVDs to your Mac so you can easily view them without having to waste your battery spinning your optical drive.

Here’s the Deal!

Mac DVD Ripper Pro user some pretty smart decrypting algorithms to make sure that you get the best quality videos from your original DVDs (and when we say your DVDs we mean DVDs that you really own; although, I’m not the freaking cops so do you feel is right).

One of the great things about Mac DVDRipper Pro (version 2.0.1) is it does allow one to have a free trial and will work totally as the full version of the software without any hidden limitations with the exception of your abilities not only rip five initial DVDs to test them out. If you decide to rip your DVDs in the disk image format you can also use popular disc burning software to actually make physical copies to blank DVD recordable media.

Mac DVDRipper Pro (version 2.0.1) normally retails for $9.95 but for the next day you can purchase this wonderful ripping tool for an exceptional $5.95 that equates to 40% off the normal retail price. If for some reason you don’t decide to purchase it within the next day Mac update Promo.com will also study this software within the next eight days for $8.46 which is roughly 10% off. Basically for the price of the large jumbo juice with 1,000,000 pounds of sugar you can go ahead and buy yourself a great DVD ripping tool like Mac DVD Ripper Pro. I strongly suggest you jump on over to Mac update promo website and grab yourself a copy before that 595 price runs out.

What’s new in Version 2.0

*Main movie only extraction: skip the previews and extras and save space!
*Faster and more reliable ripping
*Revamped interface

Any Mac with a DVD drive and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Looking for a Bluray ripper? Check Mac BlurayRipper Pro.

Tip of the Week: Save yourself some typing time

I use this all the time and i found David Pouge of NYT had written his take on this time saver. I will save some time rehashing this jut read it as he wrote it. It really does work been on this for like three years.  I use TextExpander

Typing-Expansion Software [Source: David Pouge, NYT]

Here’s my little secret: I write only about half of my material. Or, rather, I *type* only about half of my material. The rest is auto-typed.

My life depends on typing-expansion software. I type “pl,” and I get “problem.” I type “wv,” I get “Windows Vista.” Over the years, as I recognize more words that I type often, I’ve built up quite a list — hundreds of abbreviations:

t -> the

y -> you

th -> that

ts -> this

bs -> because

ie -> Internet Explorer

ff -> FireFox

mx -> Mac OS X

w7 -> Windows 7

cp -> cellphone

cps -> cellphones

ty -> thank you

hth -> Hope this helps! –David

…and on and on.

It helps, of course, that I do a lot of writing, and in a particular field; so much of my e-mail, and so many of the terms I use, involve the same concepts.

On the Mac, programs like TypeIt4Me, Typinator and TextExpander do this job. (TypeIt4Me is also available on the iPhone, where it’s called TapIt4Me). On Windows, it’s programs like AutoHotKey, ActiveWords and Texter.

Of course, you can get the same effect within Microsoft Office (Mac and Windows), using its AutoCorrect feature. That arrangement has one profound advantage: the expansion happens even when you’re editing. That is, I can click just after a “w” I typed earlier; if I add a “v,” it expands to “Windows Vista.” With the shareware programs, by contrast, you have to type the whole thing at once, *followed* by a space or punctuation so it knows you’re finished with the abbreviation.

But Microsoft’s AutoCorrect has a big downside, too: it works only in Office. I want my expansions to be system-wide. I want it to work in my e-mail program, browser, sticky-notes app, word processor, spreadsheet, on the desktop, and so on.

That’s why I’ve gone the shareware/freeware route. This much is for sure: because I’ve got these programs installed, I can type *much* faster than a normal person (because I’ve got so much less to type). I don’t worry about typos nearly as much. And I can rip through e-mail much more efficiently, since I can re-use so many words and phrases.

There are all kinds of other perks, too. AutoHotKey is also a wonderful macro program, meaning that you can define keystrokes to perform special functions on your PC. Hit Ctrl-W to fire up Microsoft Word, Ctrl-F to open Firefox.

TextExpander can shorten long Web addresses as you type. Just copy some huge address, for example, and then type “/bitly” into any program; TextExpander pastes in a tiny URL (like http://bit.ly/6EYLj) without your having to open your Web browser and visit a URL-shortening site. It’s fantastic if you use Twitter, where every character counts.

Typing-expansion programs are so fast and effortless that I can’t understand why everybody’s not using them. Surely, at the very least, you type your address over and over again (or pieces of it, when you fill out Web order forms). Surely you’ve got various standard signoffs for e-mail, like “xoxo, Chris” or “Respectfully yours, Christianne.”

The only time auto-expansion gets in my way is when I use somebody else’s computer, where there’s no expansion software installed. Inevitably, there’s a moment of frustration, bafflement and gobbledygook as I type, “T pl is th y use wv” –and get only “T pl is th y use wv.”

But now that I’ve shared my secret with the world, it won’t matter. You’ll know exactly what I meant.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-15

  • watching Audi S5 v BMW 335i Shoot-Out on Boxee. check it out at http://bit.ly/j1OnL #
  • RT @macworld: New MBP goes up to 3.06GHz, up to 8GB of RAM. Starts at $1699 (2.53GHz/4GB). Plus, SD slot! #
  • 17-inch MPB drops to $2499 #
  • RT @tuaw_wwdc: And the MacBook, too! getting the same new built-in battery, seven hours of battery life #
  • MacBook Pros: New screens, battery, SD slot, starting at $1699. MacBooks gain new screens, batteries, SD slot, FireWire 800, starts at $1199 #
  • @kyeung808 Not fair they just dropeed the price of all its notebook by hundreds of $$$ and made the battery all last up to 7 hrs. in reply to kyeung808 #
  • RT @ijustine: Streaming live from #WWDC — yes, my macbook pro seems to be the size of me – http://live.twit.tv/ #
  • OH: TUAW’s Cory B- I hope Mac OS X 10.7 will be Garfield. #
  • You can write Kanji now on hte new MacBooPro Touchpads, Hot for us here in hawaii #
  • @jeannemariepics you got stock yet or no can say yet? in reply to jeannemariepics #
  • New Quicktime 10 announced live.gizmodo.com #
  • RT @macworld: Safari 4 under Snow Leopard won’t crash when browser plug-ins crash. They’re walled off from the rest of the page. #
  • Wall Street Still Stupid, Hot new computers releades and the stock goes down 4 points. Hey Wall Street, wait for the new iPhone announcement #
  • opps released in mean #
  • The new quicktime has no interface to get in the way while watching movies. new editing features too. boads nice for iphone video #
  • Hey Microsoft Apple just let go a OS Update for $29.00 not $299.00 for crap #
  • RT @tuaw_wwdc: All major apps will run in 64-bit mode. 16TB memory limit. #
  • RT @tuaw_wwdc: $29 is like, three lattes and an iPhone game or two. /mr #wwdc #
  • @keokilee live.gizmodo.com in reply to keokilee #
  • RT @tuaw_wwdc: Correction: It’s “16 billion GB” in terms of a memory limit, which is a bizarrely confusing way of putting that. /rp #
  • I like the way apple is fighting back at those lame Microsoft ads with lower priced laptops. #
  • Apple Mail now has Exchange Support #
  • No more blaming Business Apps on the need to stay PC only offices #
  • Just in case you wonder why these updates aren’t going to be free read this. http://tr.im/nOaW Some people will garans ask why. #
  • @JeromeKoehler especially when they compare MBPro to a $800 HP… BTW Why are all the Laptops the pick HP’s .. hmmm wonky right in reply to JeromeKoehler #
  • Snow leopard comes out 1 month before boxed versions of Windows 7.. Apple OS X FTW! #
  • Oh sit here comes iPhone talk… is it soup yet… #
  • 40,000,000 iPhone OS Devices sold (includes the Touch).. Holy Sheep Shizzle Batman.. thats a lot #
  • Raise your Twitter Hands if you think we will get iphone video! #
  • RT @judyrey: RT @Jason_Pollock RT @SPAM: GENERAL TIP: Dont retweet a spammers msg. U might get suspended accidentally, and that’s no good. #
  • @LayneM thanks in reply to LayneM #
  • RT @LayneM: WWDC Streaming live on Ustream: http://bit.ly/1a58PO #
  • Ok FINALLY iPhone Cut, Copy and Paste.. Yes Lord! #
  • Landscape in Mail, now and MMS messaging for all of you who kept wanting it. I dont like MMS but it is there now.. just need to wait for ATT #
  • iPhone Search will now work in Contacts, Mail, Safari, iCal, Text too…. Spotlight for the iPhone all across the phone #
  • IPhone can now rent movies from the phone.. oh so bad for the wallet.. but great for airports #
  • @wm_alexander i just posted like three, search, Cut and Pate, Teathering in reply to wm_alexander #
  • iPhone get Teathering now.. bet ATT charges us a grip #
  • AT&T won’t support this until late summer either. AT&T!!!!!!!!!!! *Shakes fist* #
  • RT @JeromeKoehler: So, how much is Tethering? come on ATT! ATT wont support till later,, jackasses #
  • iPhone adds atuofill for logins and passwords if you like, and HTTP Streaming #
  • New iPhone OS FTW.. AT&T FTL….or FML you pick #
  • Apple announcing a new Find MY Phone feature for the iPhone… in case you lose it for MobileMe customers. Find it by GPS mapping #
  • Good TinaFey Video of the feature #
  • Find My Phone find it even in silent mode #
  • Mine will be lost in my house under the desk or laundry basket #
  • iPhone has a remote wipe feature now if you really loose it, no more lot naked pictures #
  • @staciemahoe Prolly OS upgrade because they haven’t announce the new phone yet.. in reply to staciemahoe #
  • http://twitpic.com/6x1s2 Remote wipe feature of Find My iPhone #
  • @lmanuel88 Exchange? in reply to lmanuel88 #
  • Big Feature not really hailed yet is Itunes U via iphone OS, thats why free ipod touch with school purchase #
  • @johngarcia because i love you John G. in reply to johngarcia #
  • We will be having a New iPhone feature learning Tweetup soon after the update drops. we will need it so much new stuff #
  • Hey @jmatuk thank you very much homey (jmatuk live > http://ustre.am/2uJu) #
  • iPhone medical features, Remote doctoring.. i Like this feature…. http://twitpic.com/6x2if #
  • Text book to the App Store, Why did I have to get my Textbook fro the Frippin UH Bookstore… They rippied us student of majorly #
  • Here we go iPhone Tom Tom announcement #
  • Although I prefer Garmin Nuvi Love #
  • RT @nikf: Apple clearly very much wants MobileMe to be Exchange *done right for consumers* (see: push email, push calendars, remote wipe). #
  • Tom Tom voice sounds like my Third Grade Spelling Teacher, Mrs. Thornesmith… that evil #$#%#@ #
  • Mark Wilson Said: The tomtom Car Kit rechages the iPhone, holds it, whatever. It’s a dock with a big suction cup on it. #
  • The Developer Conference is going over new 3.0 apps now great time to go make coffee. brbr #
  • Hawaii need ZipCars… like SF, Boston, London http://www.zipcar.com/how/ #
  • Just took my 21st mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/24662 #
  • @johngarcia I am soo getting a new iPhone but ATT is telling us no upgrade until December.. ATT FAIL. They once again damaging iPhone’s rep in reply to johngarcia #
  • Going to Tiki’s anybody down? #
  • RT this ?…”Twitter is the reason why…?” #TWHY #
  • “Twitter is the reason why; 140 is the new 420!”. #TWHY #
  • “Twitter is the reason why; My fingers are sore for a different reason.” #TWHY #
  • @gotCJ No Music, No Life. Period in reply to gotCJ #
  • @LenaHanson try Patron it won’t keep you up but it will make you funny. in reply to LenaHanson #
  • Can’t wait for the new Transformer movie – an plane that turns into a submarine. Wait, I’ve seen this somewhere before. (via @FunnyJoker) #
  • I Tweet Therefore I Am! #
  • Zombies are the new Bacon…. Working on my Snowclone Cliches. http://tr.im/nWrG #
  • Just took my 22nd mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/24662 #
  • @LanaitheDJ Peep the full version more funny. http://tr.im/oeQN in reply to LanaitheDJ #
  • Just took my 23rd mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/24662 #
  • Are you getting your own facebook vainity URL? #
  • #followfriday @paulmerrill @beckymccray @sheilas @melissa808 @shareyourtable @lanaithedj @twobeerqueers @guykawasaki @noe808 @NEENZ @gotCJ #
  • @AnelaWings @_dznr @bradyoshiro @DAK04 @davekozuki @DJSMOOK @drknight52 @jessmauer @kamanu @AndyBumatai @LayneM @808manong @topher808 #FF #
  • @BullyOSullivan @bigteeze @slickvic @docrock @KGMB9 @anuheajams @sarakata @jentonic @johngarcia @jeromejoehler @lenahanson @metromix808 #FF #
  • @elainerrr Maraming salamat po Elainerrrrrrs in reply to elainerrr #
  • @djjmytaco how can she miss yur big ass in reply to djjmytaco #
  • http://www.facebook.com/docrock My Vanity URL is alive get yours now especially if you got a common name #
  • http://www.facebook.com/lanai see even a computer idiot can make one too. #FBVanityURL #
  • @ugottafollowme mine is http://www.facebook.com/docrock let me knwo when you get yours done what is is. Aloha #
  • Time to go old school. The Old Pancake House for breakfast. http://yfrog.com/18xqhj #
  • @bigslimdog welcome to Twitter #
  • @mikeakers I use a pay ver for like 6.95 per month no ads well worth it i think #vyew in reply to mikeakers #
  • Vyew is the hottest collaboration tool i’ve seen yet. go check this out. #vyew http://bit.ly/AQuKS #
  • RT @problogger: here’s what happens when you reach your gmail storage limit – http://bit.ly/oDp2h #
  • @problogger Good Luck I’m syre with your expertise you’ll do just great. Break a mouse cable in reply to problogger #
  • RT @TUAW: RT @mr_bill: ‘There’s an App for That’ is the new ‘That’s What she Said’ #
  • @GuyKawasaki I just finished Reality Check thanks so much for setting me straight. Should be mandatory reading at business schools .Aloha in reply to GuyKawasaki #
  • @bigslimdog Ok so Kobe Wins.. I’ll give you that.. now add an icon to your twitter or nobody will talk to you. in reply to bigslimdog #
  • #iremember when being American meant “We and Us” and not “I and Me”. #
  • Just took my 24th mugshot! http://www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/24662 #
  • @addamh me too so lets do it soon. Karaoke here we go… #
  • I just dropped my iphone in the toilet…… super pissed… no pun intended. Yes the water was clear before you ask. #
  • @bob0sama frick that i better get some ex-employee love when i come tomorrow. in reply to bob0sama #
  • @bob0sama It’s all because of Ronaldo leaving Manu. it jinxed my iphone in reply to bob0sama #
  • @tweetpea @NEENZ has it dead on but i gotta add a big swipe of Waaaasaaaabiii! Oiishiyo! in reply to tweetpea #
  • @vanryzin Yeah but too bad I don’t qualify for the new one until December 29. 🙁 in reply to vanryzin #
  • @NEENZ Or you can just come to Japan with US. 🙂 in reply to NEENZ #
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