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GSD(or GTD) Like a Boss with Focus Booster App

Recently I found out about a really cool app designed to help you increase your productivity. Focus Booster like many productivity apps out there are based on the “Pomodoro technique“. Pomodoro is a time management technique created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. The technique is super simple system to take focused work periods and divide them up into 25 minute intervals and then take scheduled five-minute breaks in between set intervals.

The most important parts of this technique are as follows;

  • decide on the task that is to be done
  • set the Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes
  • focus on that task until the timer rings, of update status of that task in your task management program ( I recommend Tracky.com)
  • take a short break for 5 min. Really get up and stretch this legs and get the circulation flowing
  • and for every 4 Pomodoro cycles take a longer break (15 to 20 minutes)Focus Booster unlike most of the other Pomodoro timer apps out there this one is totally free, works on Mac, PC and Linux. Focus Booster also has an online Web app version at focusboosterapp.com/live.

In this video I give you a quick review on Focus Booster and I hope you find that it works to help you get more things done.

Data Robotics Announces 2 Members To the Drobo Product Family! DroboElite and Drobo S

DroboElite redefines storage economics by delivering advanced features and performance usually reserved for more expensive solutions. You and your business can get the performance you require while realizing the simplicity and convenience of DroboElite.
  • No headache dual-disk redundancy
  • Multi-host connectivity with LUN affinity
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Up to 8 disks of instant expansion to 16TB and Beyond
  • Dual high-speed iSCSI interfaces
  • Virtues of Smart Volumes™ – supports up to 255 Smart Volumes
  • Simplify your VMware environment

Drobo S. Built on the award-winning BeyondRAID technology with single or dual drive redundancy (that can be changed on the fly), Drobo S protects your data without any user interaction, even in the event of multiple hard drive failures. Entrust your irreplaceable data toDrobo S.

  • Multiple interfaces: eSATA, FireWire 800, USB 2.0
  • Up to 5 drives of instant capacity expansion to 10TB and Beyond
  • Protection from up to two hard drive failures
  • BeyondRAID self-managing and self-healing technology
  • Works with Windows, Mac, or Linux

I have to say I love my Drobo and all it can do. I use it mostly as a way to store all the footage and Images I shoot. I will surly be adding a second one to the mix soon and might even move up to an Elite version. I you want to protect your data, safely store all the stuff you download, shoot, record, or snap get a Drobo.

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