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Sake 101: Shichi Hon Yari “The Seven Spearsmen” Junmai Ginjo Tasting Notes

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Shichi Hon Yari “The Seven Spearsmen” Junmai Ginjo – Presentation Transcript

SHICHI HON YARI “Seven Spearsman” Junmai

Brewery: Tomita Shuzo Prefecture: Shiga Ricetype: Tamazakae Seimaibuai: 60% Alcohol Content: 15.5% Sake Meter Value: +4.0 Acidity: 1.8 Sake Name English: “Seven Spearsmen”

Tasting Notes This Junmai is crisp and light. After you get past the aroma of mushrooms and grassy tones you can really taste citrus (grapefruits) and melons. Very surprising flavors. This sake has the nose of earth, grass and mushrooms. Light Crisp Mouthfeel Complex but Clean Great Beginners Sake Serve Chilled or Hot

Talking Points Tomita Shuzo is one of the oldest and smallest brewerys of sake in Japan. Founded in the 1540s, only a brewmaster and two assistants produce every bottle. Recommended Dishes This sake is great with flavorful foods.