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Save Space on your iPhone with Cloud Photos

You need Cloud Photos if you have a low capacity iPhone and often find yourself running out of space. After I dropped my phone in water I switched from a 32GB to a 16GB iPhone because at the time I just needed to hurry up and replace my phone and it was… well… all the money that I had. The worst problem with switching to a smaller phone especially if you are an Instagram freak like myself, is it’s really easy to quickly run out of space especially with a nice eight megapixel camera.

Introduce Cloud Photos , an application that allows you to take photos with the camera on your iPhone and automatically sync them into the cloud via Dropbox. Cloud Photos only leaves you with a thumbnail size photo in your camera roll on you iPhone and pushes the larger image directly to Dropbox using either Wi-Fi or 3G sync.

Here is a video I made to show you how to use this application. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave me any questions comments or feedback that you may have.

 Cloud Photos is $1.99 in the app store and is available today. I’m going to say I highly recommend this app.

Comparison Video of AirServer vs Reflection

This video is a quick review of [AirServer](http://airserver app.com) a Mac application that allows you to mirror your iOS devices to you Mac.

This application drops on the heels of the Reflection App

On spec these apps are the same but it seem Reflection App has a little better performance so far. I’m sure they will gain parity but you don’t need both just one or the other.

Reflection App for Mac Review and Tutorial

Reflection App is a Mac App that allows you to AirPlay mirror and iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to your computer wirelessly.

Reflection App Mac is perfect for demoing iOS Apps on a Mac computer running Lion over AirPlay mirroring from iOS 5. Use your favorite screen capture application to record the video and upload it to your site or YouTube.

Reflection can be used to play your iOS Applications and Games on your computers screen. I used it to play Triple Town on a Sony 55 HDTV wirelessly using my MacMini Home Theater PC. Reflections even hold up to racing and sports games.

Reflections can wrap your screen capture in beautiful device specific wrappers. It ships with both iPhone and iPad skins and just by hitting cmd-B you can toggle it on and off.

Reflection App was created by Dave Stanfill Napkin Studio an application studio that specializes in mobile applications and app that have heavy data transfer.

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“Gotta Have It Gadgets” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 11

This is the eleventh episode of our “Nonstop Tech Podcast, produced by the Nonstop Tech team. Featuring the Blackmagic Designs Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt http://dcrk.me/wHkIOv

In this episode we discuss the cool gadgets that have been recently released and explain why you just gotta have them. @Docrock and @JeromeKoehler give you some insights on Photoshop Touch http://dcrk.me/xtfkJj, Day One Journal for Mac and iOS http://dcrk.me/ynL5WK and a few more picks for the week.

Big Mahalos to The Green House Innovation Hub for the new studio location

Show Notes

File Salvage http://dcrk.me/A7TWRX
Doc?s Day One review and tutorial http://dcrk.me/ynL5WK
Doc?s Clear for iPhone review http://dcrk.me/x42UjW
Nikon V1 http://dcrk.me/A932l0
Tweetbot http://dcrk.me/AAZ6dq
Intensity Extreme http://dcrk.me/wHkIOv
Cosmonaut Stylus http://dcrk.me/Aesnx6
The Glif by studio neat http://dcrk.me/w1eVTN
Photoshop Touch http://dcrk.me/xtfkJj
Tripletown http://dcrk.me/w7IQ0a
Kisai Seven http://dcrk.me/zEELHS
Apple Thunderbolt Cable http://dcrk.me/zfXahP
Day One http://dcrk.me/wRcXTe

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“Day One Journal” Review & Tutorial

Day One Journal for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Day One is a simple and easy journal, note taker, dairy, text logger that takes the burden out of daily writing. It is totally cross device compatible via the Day One universal iOS application complete with iCloud and Dropbox syncing.

The Application has a very nice feature set but is so easy to use anybody can use it right way thanks to a very intuitive UI/UX design. Functional and pretty at the same time.

Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 is Out

Although I personally don’t like the idea of Jailbreaking my devices I get asked the question way too often. When I saw the news floating around the internets I thought I’d share with you. Absinthe A5 iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak is out. The current version is for Macintosh only for now but a Windows version is coming soon. More information can be found on pod2g’s iOS blog


Tell Your Partner I Said Phone Snooping is a Felony


If you like to scope out your partners phone because you’re psycho, jealous or just lack self-esteem to trust them… Know this looking at someone else’s phone spouse, BF, GF, LifePartner or whatever is a Class C Felony. Watch my KITV interview. Don’t go to jail because you are a psycho freak 😉

Siri is Not A Toy – Siriously

Will tomorrow means the first official week of everybody owning their brand-new iPhone 4S and having a chance to play with Apple’s new voice recognition and voice assisted application Siri. For the most part is seems af if Siri is for just asking it really stupid questions and attempting to find out the meaning of life. Siri is a lot smarter than that so I was glad when I ran across this video by Macworld editor Jason Snell where he put Siri through its paces asking it more practical things.

Due to issues of my contract I’m going to have to wait another month and a half before I can get my new iPhone 4S but Siri is definitely one of the applications I look forward most using. Even with all of the marriage request, lewd comments, repeated requests for knock knocks and otherwise wiseass things thrown at this new digital assistant as a GTDer I can see some serious value in the way speaking to your iPhone will help you get things done throughout the day.

“Let’s Keep It Clean” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 4

This is the fourth episode of our Nonstop Tech Podcast, produced by the Nonstop Tech team,

In this episode, we cover ultimate protections cases for your iPhone; Jetpack Joyride; making your computer perform better and last longer with a few easy cleaning tips; more iPhone fun and games with Spy Mouse; and a killer iPhone 4 professional video shooting tool Filmic Pro.

Show Notes
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