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Hawaii Tsunami Warning Video Featured on Huffington Post

My Tsunami Warning video featured on Huffington Post. What an honor;

The other night I was enjoying so Sake at the Sake Shop Hawaii one of my favorite Nihonshu shopping stomps when I got a Tweetbot notification saying there was a seismic event neat Be that was going to cause a Tsunami to hit the coast of the Hawaiian Islands in a few hours. It seemed as if nobody else had heard the news and being unfortunately accustomed to these false alarms I don’t think many people cared.

Just to be certain I went outside and there were the sirens wailing the emergency warnings. Naturally I bought some sake and headed home to batten down the hatches. Much to my surprise the local police force was already shutting down the streets. I made it in the house and shot this video with my iPhone 5 and promptly posted it to my YouTube Channel

It was just a simple video describing how I was feeling about another slight necessary but overactive evacuation by our city officials. Mostly because as a DJ the big EPIC Halloween Party we had planned for our club was gonna be cancelled.

Surprisingly people were all over twitter so once i shared it I got a request to have my video featured on Huffington Post. What an honor; however, they do not give any link back love to my site. That’s kind of rude I think.

Any way just wanted to share this little anecdote with you.

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“What’s on My Computer?” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 17

Our newest Nonstop Tech Podcast entitled “What’s On My Computer?”, produced by the Nonstop Tech team.

In this episode we discuss, as always, our favorite tips and tricks. @Docrock, @TChaten, and @JeromeKoehler will also discuss some of the pertinent news in the tech ecosystem, share some of the items we use on our computer on a daily basis, watch Jerome forget his pick, and we show you a cool piece of hardware we just received!

A big mahalo to The Green House Innovation Hub for the awesome new studio location.

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Nonstop Tech wants to be more than a raving nerdfest. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that if you have a technical question or just want to know the coolest shortcuts to get things done, we are here to help. But we need your help as well. This is only going to work if you send us your questions send us your questions. The Nonstop Tech team has nearly 100 years combined experience in computers and technical support, and now you have us on your side.

Dollar Shave Club 4X – Unboxing

It’s true Dollar Shave Club Razors are Fucking Great. I finally got mine today and I am very impressed at the quality of these Razors.

I got he 4X as a test to see if I would like them and may think of upgrading them later to Executive. Ok the Costco reference is $46 bucks for a 16 pack and the Dollar Shave Club 4X if $6 per month just so you know.

If you wanna check out Dollar Shave Club from this link http://bit.ly/AqODFt

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Trey Ratcliff Tips on Shooting Fireworks featuring Tom Anderson


]During the Oahu Photowalk Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms.com) and Tom Anderson (formerly of Myspace.com) give us a few tips on shooting Fireworks

Shot on a Sony NEX-5 with a 18mm-55mm lens in the pouring down rain on Oahu, Waikiki Beach behind the Sheraton Waikiki during the Oahu Festival.

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“Day One Journal” Review & Tutorial

Day One Journal for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Day One is a simple and easy journal, note taker, dairy, text logger that takes the burden out of daily writing. It is totally cross device compatible via the Day One universal iOS application complete with iCloud and Dropbox syncing.

The Application has a very nice feature set but is so easy to use anybody can use it right way thanks to a very intuitive UI/UX design. Functional and pretty at the same time.

The Green House is Making Progress

Wow the last few weeks has been a wild ride. We were blessed with the opportunity to beta test our Green House concept via a Pop-Up Innovation Lounge during the “Nonstop Kakaako” block party. We have been planning The Green House for a few months now and it was time for the rubber to hit the road.

The just over 50o ft² space was coined the “Green House Innovation Lounge” and thanks to our community and the love and support we received we were asked to keep it open. Within two weeks we have outgrown that space so we’ve relocated right next door to a 1600 ft² space and are ready for you to come drop in, say hello and get some work done.


This is the first of many videos John and I will be doing to keep you updated as we grow The Green House Empire. Thanks to everyone who has shown us support so far. Happy Thanksgiving.

– Doc & John

“Back It Up!” – Podcast: Nonstop Tech Episode 1

This is the first edition of NonstopHonolulu.com’s Nonstop Tech Podcast. In this episode we are covering Backups, Clean Installs, Chill.com and Browser Security with Ghostery.

In the episode I mention Jamcloud is a Mac app but I got an email from Jason at Jamcloud and he assured me it was both Mac and PC. This app is worth a look.

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In the show, we keep speaking of the “Show Notes,” and below you’ll find all the relevant links for topics we’ve covered in the show.

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My HD iPad Review I made for Nonstophonolulu.com

In this video I review PDF Expert from Readdle.com. PDF Expert lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save these changes which are compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat! Moreover, PDF Expert is the only iPad application that can fill in PDF forms!

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Douche Parking of The Week!

Ok so I skipped a few weeks of my photo series about the worst of the worst selfish douchebag parking infractions.

This weeks installment showcases this lovely gem of a fucktard who first bought a Nissan Sentra with pleather seats but then to protect his $14,000 investment he/she decided to park this POS sideways in the Target Parking lot. Hey, fucknugget it’s a muthafunking Sentra. I have a three weeks old Bimmer and I don’t park it crooked. I could buy three Sentras and have some cheddar left over for Target Shopping. Really?

Congratulations you are my Douche Parking Winner of the week!

Sake 101: Shichi Hon Yari “The Seven Spearsmen” Junmai Ginjo Tasting Notes

[slideshare id=4978250&doc=shichihonyari-100816060004-phpapp01]

Shichi Hon Yari “The Seven Spearsmen” Junmai Ginjo – Presentation Transcript

SHICHI HON YARI “Seven Spearsman” Junmai

Brewery: Tomita Shuzo Prefecture: Shiga Ricetype: Tamazakae Seimaibuai: 60% Alcohol Content: 15.5% Sake Meter Value: +4.0 Acidity: 1.8 Sake Name English: “Seven Spearsmen”

Tasting Notes This Junmai is crisp and light. After you get past the aroma of mushrooms and grassy tones you can really taste citrus (grapefruits) and melons. Very surprising flavors. This sake has the nose of earth, grass and mushrooms. Light Crisp Mouthfeel Complex but Clean Great Beginners Sake Serve Chilled or Hot

Talking Points Tomita Shuzo is one of the oldest and smallest brewerys of sake in Japan. Founded in the 1540s, only a brewmaster and two assistants produce every bottle. Recommended Dishes This sake is great with flavorful foods.