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Hawaii Inspired iPad Frames by John Garcia

Hawaii Inspired iPad Frames by John Garcia

Hawaii’s own John Gracia has bless us with some Hawaii inspired iPad Wallpapers. You can grab them from his site http://365frames.com/ipad.

If you share these with you friends please direct them directly to John’s site and not redirect links offsite. John, Thanks you so much for these beautiful and inspiring shots.

Come meet this incredible talent at the First Meeting of The Hawaii iPad Users Group #HiPAD at Fresh Cafe next Week Tuesday June 1st, 6-9pm. http://twtvite.com/hipad

Check out John’s Information here http://www.john-garcia.com/

Moodboard Pro is a Killer iPad App

I just got this app and I have to say so far its cool. I’ll be doing a full video review of the app in a few days after i put it through it’s paces. From what i gather thus far it is very intuitive and easy to just jump right in and start futtin’ around getting creative.

I love all things design and this is no exception as Moodboard Pro has a very nice interface design. It seems as if they have a great understanding of the touch interface and it ergonomics.

Until I get my video of this great app up please take a look at the developers video:

Totally on a more patriotic note, the designer/co-creator of the app Kyle Tress, is a World Cup Skeleton athlete and a 2014 Winter Olympic hopeful. That alone make me want to buy this app as US athletes have to raise their own funds to be an Olympian. Check out his blog http://www.kyletress.com/

I’d say buy it now even if you don’t need it so you can help out this inspiring Olympian… well and because it is a great app. This one will surely end up on my home screen.

iTUNES LINK: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moodboard-pro/id355893506?mt=8

Developer: A Tiny Tribe

Moodboard Pro for iPad

Moodboard Pro for iPad

Freebies: Hawaii iPad Users Group iPad Wallpapers by @AMP808

My favorite designer and younger brother @AMP808 made these cool must have wallpapers for the Hawaii iPad Users Group. Please feel free to download and enjoy I only request that you don’t repost these rather just send the back to this page.

Also follow @iFIXpro and @AMP808 on the twitterz.

Right click on the links to save as or open image in new tab to download.






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