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I Think I’m Turning Veganese

Hale Modern Macrobiotic Cuisine is absolutely the bomb. Let me start by saying that I am a carnivore, a died in the wool backyard barbecue, mac cave meat eater. that said I was a bit leery about eating some full on Birkenstock clad tree hugger fare which in my mind automatically meant no flavor or even Tofurky was gonna enter my temple of a body.

I stand fully corrected, this stuff rocks and not only looks like food It actually tastes like food. I had Kuruma-Fu Katsu with the Apple Miso sauce for lunch and it was incredible. You are not gonna believe me when I say it was actually better than real chicken katsu but really it is true not even fingers crossed true-ish. I was pleasantly surprised.

Look I gotta tell you whats even better is I liked it so much I came back for dinner and had the Killer Kajiki Burger with Basil Cream Sauce. Hands down the best Fishwich in the Islands. It is served on a heavenly whole wheat grilled bun with micro greens and a sweet onion.

By the way my only knock might be desert but it was just good not quite broke the mouth; however, that may be due to the lack or processed sugars.

It is not the cheapest lunch by any means but Hale is well worth the money and well it won’t kill you.

Since my initial feat of eating Vegan food at Hale Last week friday I have eaten here 4 times in the last week.

I think I might need to buy some organic clothes, grow a beard and bathe myself in lavender and pachouli essence.