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GSD(or GTD) Like a Boss with Focus Booster App

Recently I found out about a really cool app designed to help you increase your productivity. Focus Booster like many productivity apps out there are based on the “Pomodoro technique“. Pomodoro is a time management technique created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. The technique is super simple system to take focused work periods and divide them up into 25 minute intervals and then take scheduled five-minute breaks in between set intervals.

The most important parts of this technique are as follows;

  • decide on the task that is to be done
  • set the Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes
  • focus on that task until the timer rings, of update status of that task in your task management program ( I recommend Tracky.com)
  • take a short break for 5 min. Really get up and stretch this legs and get the circulation flowing
  • and for every 4 Pomodoro cycles take a longer break (15 to 20 minutes)Focus Booster unlike most of the other Pomodoro timer apps out there this one is totally free, works on Mac, PC and Linux. Focus Booster also has an online Web app version at focusboosterapp.com/live.

In this video I give you a quick review on Focus Booster and I hope you find that it works to help you get more things done.

Siri is Not A Toy – Siriously

Will tomorrow means the first official week of everybody owning their brand-new iPhone 4S and having a chance to play with Apple’s new voice recognition and voice assisted application Siri. For the most part is seems af if Siri is for just asking it really stupid questions and attempting to find out the meaning of life. Siri is a lot smarter than that so I was glad when I ran across this video by Macworld editor Jason Snell where he put Siri through its paces asking it more practical things.

Due to issues of my contract I’m going to have to wait another month and a half before I can get my new iPhone 4S but Siri is definitely one of the applications I look forward most using. Even with all of the marriage request, lewd comments, repeated requests for knock knocks and otherwise wiseass things thrown at this new digital assistant as a GTDer I can see some serious value in the way speaking to your iPhone will help you get things done throughout the day.

Moleskine: The Capture Tool That Oozes Cool!

One of my goals for 2010 is to write more. My major way of achieving this was to get started by keeping a journal. I recently listened to an audiobook by Jim Rohn about journaling and found that it isa good way to keep track of ones progress in business and personal development goals.

So off the the Bookstores I went looking for a great journal to buy. I need a good, sexy, nice paper and quality book. See all the advise I found about journaling said get a good book as it will make you feel better about writing. (they all also said not to journal on your computer). So as I looked at the many options I feel in love with the cult like appeal of the “Moleskine Large Journals”.

It is Moleskine (mol-a-skeen’-a). So please stop saying mole skin or mole skine (sounds like old wine).

I have been using the small pocket sized Moleskine notebooks for over a year due to my GTD addiction and have had great success with the overall quality, look and feel, and style of these little guys. I also found a good leather bound journal can cost upwards of $100 bucks or nearly $.34 a page; whereas, my new Moleskine would only cost about $.06 a page. Good value, great looks, soft cover, and a big pocket in the back as well as the Moleskine legacy… I’m Hooked.

The large sized square ruled notebook is great for my journaling, mind mapping new ideas, keeping my GTD weekly reviews, and the grids help me sketch out my concepts of taking over the world. I tend to write in my notebooks with TUL Fine Needle Point pens (Office Max) and in my journal with a Montblanc Starwalker Fineliner Resin and the paper hold up to the ink really well. There is very little to no bleed through effectively giving me the ability to write on both sides without the distraction of ink seeping through.

If you have not tried a Moleskine I suggest heading over to your local Barnes and Nobles and grabbing some.

I’ve since added the 2010 Moleskine 365 Desk Calendar and Moleskine 2010 Daily Planner Box Set to my growing Moleskine collection. I also keep giving them away to people who I think need to be better organized. they are awesome gifts.

Moleskine FTW!

Enjoying the $1 Coffee at Fresh Cafe

Has $1 coffee every night after 8PM and what a bargain that is on these trying times. The best part is the free wifi so I can GTD without the interruptions of home. If you get hungry they make some pretty mean snacks and pastries too like these Bagel Danishes.
So if you are in the Kakaako area come on down to Fresh Cafe and enjoy. Eh, but don’t friggin’ bother me ’cause I’m busy.
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