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Has Twitter Lost it’s Power? Eh… No!

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The is a lot of fodder flying around the blogosphere after Neilson’s report on Twitter Retention.  I think the study was a bit flawed and needed a bit more foundation on real people not just numbers.

My chime in on the conversation as posted on Linkedin.com Twitter Group:

As with any new from of communication there will always be those that dont get it. This was true, of email, pagers, cellphones and blogs. All of the aforementioned are very pervasive now and are just common vernacular today.

Twitter has bot the power and the buzz to be the next household communications word.

You may not get it now but than you may not be trying to get it because there is no immediate upside for you business today, don’t let this get you out of the conversation.  Todays memetic behaviors of consumers often spread faster than the swine flu when the right catalyst hits.  Twitter is just waiting one of these catalyst. ie: @AplusK and @CNN battle and @oprah

My advise hang in there, just start communicating with people, network, look around but don’t try to sell yet, when the damn burst you’ll be there.  Keep the big white Motorola Cellphone in the back of your mind thinking of the days when we all said who the heck needs to be that ready to use a phone… my god that thing is huge… cellphones “I don’t get it…

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Twitter Moved the Cheese A Bit, Tweeps Freaked

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There was a bit of twermoil i the #Twitterverse when Twitter decided to remove one-sided @replies in the twitter stream. What this means is you will no longer see replies made from someone you follow to someone you do not follow. You follow me and I follow you I will see your tweets, thats normal right? However, if you reply to someone I’m not following I will no no longer be able to see it.  Yeah I know confusing,  I too said “Say What”. Thats how we find new people especially back in the day when there were so few of us on twitter. I’ve meet some great new people this way and have expanded my personal network.

Twitter has just pissed off the PowerUsers trying to make this more palatable to the common user. Remember they have a big amount of investors skin in the game.  They are just trying to respond to the stupid retention fiasco from last week. I think the report was majority flawed but thats a different story. There are many a great tool designed to handle this issue. Twitter should leave this alone and just explain to people how Tweetie, Tweettgroups and Tweetworks all fix this.

Check out #FixReplies to get a better understanding of this. Twitter @Replies FTW!

The Importance of Discovery

Spotting new folks in tweets is an interesting way to check out new profiles and find new people to follow. Despite this update, you’ll still see mentions or references linking to people you don’t follow.

For example, you’ll continue to see, “Ev meeting with @biz about work stuff” even if you don’t follow @biz. We’ll be introducing better ways to discover and follow interesting accounts as we release more features in this space.

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