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Chill, The HOTTEST Social Video Site Launches

Have you ever wanted to “Chill” with your friends and watch something cool? Ever gathered around a monitor or TV to laugh at the craziest viral video you’ve ever seen? Well, this hot new startup coming from the “Founders Room” does just that and more.

So what is Chill? Chill is a place for people to watch video together.  — Chill.com/blog

Chill, a video sharing site takes video consumption into a different stratosphere. Chill allows you and your friends to watch videos together on your own computers while socially interacting. Most video sites, up ’til now, allowed you to share a video but not have that realtime interaction. Imagine the one liners that came out after watching Miss South Carolina give us an update on the State of the Union about our Maps, now imagine this fun in realtime chatter.

Chill is a very simple and easy account setup process. Go to Chill.com and sign in through Facebook. Once inside, join a “Chill Lounge” or create a new one. Search for your favorite videos on YouTube or Vimeo and add them to your queue, now you’re a VJ.

Up to five VJ’s can run a room at a single time. You can send in comments from the lounge chairs to everyone in the lounge if a VJ slot is not available in the room. Once another VJ slot opens you can jump up and play some videos doing your best Downtown Julie Brown or Fab Five Freddy  imitation.

I got to test this today in a “Chill Lounge” with Mike Arrington of Tech Crunch. Turns out he’s a bit time “Ramones” guy too. Chill is going to make social video sharing take on a whole new look and you should be there.

We’ve always believed that flipping through endless channels and passing around non-social links is a terrible way to experience content. Chill is our first swing at attempting to put the viewer and her friends first. — Brian Norgard, Chill.com

Brian Norgard is absolutely right. In line with what they learned from Namesake.com, everything is better with friends. Chill allows the “synchronous video” that the web has been missing for years. I remember watching the early days of MTV on the phone with friends, tripping over the freshest rhymes of Eric B or Chuck D. Now I can do it again.

Access is still limited for now and the founders are ironing our the wrinkles as fast as we can find them. If you want to join Chill.com send me a friend request on Facebook and Message me. I’ll do my best to get you in.


Namesake Live Episode 1 [Podcast]

In this the inaugural edition of Namesake @DocRock and @JohnGarcia speak Inventor and Founder of Namesake.com @BrianNorgard. Joining us on the Talkcast are many special guest from the Namesake Community.

Namesake is the hottest new social tool on the web. This week there was a mini avalanche of new users sign up (mostly from Hawaii) and that sparked the automatic conversations about what Namesake is and how to make it safe from jerks, snake oil salesmen and make it thrive as a community. Listen in to get the answers.

To join us for next weeks show jump on over to The Talkshoe Namesake Live show page.

You can also subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes : 

To join Namesake jump to http://nmsk.co/iTMc4J and start a conversation


Facebook To Add Vanity URL’s Very Soon

Facebook, Inc.
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Facebook will soon be allowing all users to claim a vanity URL pointing to their regular profile page, we’ve heard from a reliable source. The announcement should come sometime later this week. Afterwards, at a certain date and time, the landrush will begin. Users will be able to grab a vanity URL of their choice.

The Landrush rules will prohibit trademark infringement and a lots of words will be blacklisted, such as generic terms. But for the most part, we hear, users will be able to grab a name that they like.

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SCAM: Goldbase.be on Facebook, Don’t Click’Em

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It seems there’s no end to the Facebook spam and phishing attacks, Says Pete Cashmore of Mashable after he starting getting phishing scam messages in his Facebook Inbox. He ststed he is seeing message that seem to be nefarious from “.be” domains. The subject line of the mails is “Look at This”.

If you receive such a mail, DO NOT click links to the following sites:


Just like with Twitter’s Mikeyy attacks, these scams arelaunched during the weekends because many websites have less staff on hand to deal with them.

What To Do According to Mashable:

If you receive one of these Facebook mails, simply delete it – one of your friends is infected but not you. If you find, however, that your account is sending the mails:

1. As a precaution, go to your browser settings and clear your cookies.

2. Change your Facebook password

3. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date and run a full system scan

4. Buy a Friggin Macintosh Ya Putz ( Ok that one was from me ).

Source: Mashable.com

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Has Twitter Lost it’s Power? Eh… No!

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The is a lot of fodder flying around the blogosphere after Neilson’s report on Twitter Retention.  I think the study was a bit flawed and needed a bit more foundation on real people not just numbers.

My chime in on the conversation as posted on Linkedin.com Twitter Group:

As with any new from of communication there will always be those that dont get it. This was true, of email, pagers, cellphones and blogs. All of the aforementioned are very pervasive now and are just common vernacular today.

Twitter has bot the power and the buzz to be the next household communications word.

You may not get it now but than you may not be trying to get it because there is no immediate upside for you business today, don’t let this get you out of the conversation.  Todays memetic behaviors of consumers often spread faster than the swine flu when the right catalyst hits.  Twitter is just waiting one of these catalyst. ie: @AplusK and @CNN battle and @oprah

My advise hang in there, just start communicating with people, network, look around but don’t try to sell yet, when the damn burst you’ll be there.  Keep the big white Motorola Cellphone in the back of your mind thinking of the days when we all said who the heck needs to be that ready to use a phone… my god that thing is huge… cellphones “I don’t get it…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-18

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Big Phish Alert: Facebook Ponbon.Im Scam

Ok so you have been warned many times before, and it’s time to tell you and keep telling you again – do not click on suspicious links inside your Facebook messages and emails.

There is a new scam out there called ‘Ponbon.Im’ and other URLS ending in ‘.Im’ that people are accidentally clicking on, infecting their computer accounts.

The ‘.Im’ targets previously overtaken accounts that are sending out links to Facebook users. The message has a link inside to a site named ‘ponbon.im’ or other URLs ending in ‘.Im’. Do not click these links or any other suspicious links in your messages and be weary of third-party sites asking for your user name or password.

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