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Sorry Jailbreakers: AT&T to buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion

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The web is all a buzz with reports coming in from all over the Web, AT&T is to buy T-Mobile for a reported $39 billion dollars. The major reason why AT&T would want to do this to to now create the USA’s largest mobile network. Since according to AT&T their network traffic has increased over 8,000 percent in the last four years. I wonder why that is… surely not because of Droid… but I digress. Buying T-Mobile means AT&T would not have reinvent the wheel by expanding and building new towers to support the increasing growth in mobile demand.

I think this is kinda funny because many people out there thought they were sticking it to the preverbal MAN by jail breaking their iPhones. Yeah some claim it was to get apps that would never be approved by Apple, while others brazenly set out to buck the system and basically steal from AT&T and Apple. I think this reason is bullshit and they totally deserve having their theft cock-blocked by AT&T.

You can read the full Press Release or get the story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW

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Source: TUAW
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