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The Green House is Making Progress

Wow the last few weeks has been a wild ride. We were blessed with the opportunity to beta test our Green House concept via a Pop-Up Innovation Lounge during the “Nonstop Kakaako” block party. We have been planning The Green House for a few months now and it was time for the rubber to hit the road.

The just over 50o ft² space was coined the “Green House Innovation Lounge” and thanks to our community and the love and support we received we were asked to keep it open. Within two weeks we have outgrown that space so we’ve relocated right next door to a 1600 ft² space and are ready for you to come drop in, say hello and get some work done.


This is the first of many videos John and I will be doing to keep you updated as we grow The Green House Empire. Thanks to everyone who has shown us support so far. Happy Thanksgiving.

– Doc & John