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Code Racer FTW! A Four-day Project from Team Treehouse

< Code/Racer > is a cool way to learn web design and proper coding while challenging people. This multi-player live-coding game was built by the team behind TeamTreehouse, Think Vitamin and Carsonified.

The basic game is super simple, you login via FaceBook, wait for the rest of your competitors and boom you’re off. The system gives you elements that need to be coded into the page you’re creating for the game. Any mistakes after a pre determined time frame as elapsed will be fixed by the pit-crew. As you add the elements you’ll be given some coaching if you’re loosing and at the end you are told your place in the race. They have even added weapons that allow you to throw weird things at your opponents to slow them down. Coding with weapons.. whoddathunkit? Amazing.

It’s a fun way to learn coding and you will polish your skills pretty quickly. It’s free so go have some fun.

Now for those of you who want to take this learning to code business a bit further should check out TeamTreehouse.

Macworld 2011: Merlin Mann endorses Brett Terpstra of TUAW/Brettterpstra.com

Productivity Guru and co-host of two of the best podcast on the Web, You Look Nice Today and Back to Work, Merlin Mann pimps out the full endorsement of my friend Brett Terpstra , a prominent coder and blogger for TUAW aka The Unofficial Apple Weblog during an OmniFocus Demo at Macworld 2011.

Brett has created some of the worlds coolest and time-saving pieces of code ever crafted if you are a blogger, web designer or code monkey. You can see an ever increasing list on Brett’s blog. There are a lot really; however, I’ll just give you some of my favorites.

  • NVALT, A Notational Velocity fork with widescreen, collapsible notes panel, MultiMarkdown/Markdown/Textile rendering and preview, as well as rendered source preview for MultiMarkdown.
  • Markdown Quicktags for WP a plugin for WordPress which replaces the HTML editor with a Markdown–enabled set of buttons and features. I’m actually using it to write this post.
  • Blogsmith a TextMate Bundle for blogging on sites without XMLRPC support with handy tools and markdown support

I spent the last few days hanging out with Brett and I have to agree with Merlin he is a freak of nature when it come to writing great code that will save you a metric-crap-ton of time and headache. Defiantly one of the smartest people I know. You should follow Brett on Twitter and remember to visit his site here.

In case you are not aware of who exactly Merlin is… I suggest you check out his projects page on his site and if nothing else at least watch his epic “Inbox Zero” video and read his productivity articles on 43 Folders. Since I have adopted the methodologies taught by Merlin and coded by Brett I have seriously increased my productivity with out doing nearly as much busy work.

Drop me a line or leave a comment If you’ve found this to be useful to you as well. Mahalo