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SCAM: Goldbase.be on Facebook, Don’t Click’Em

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It seems there’s no end to the Facebook spam and phishing attacks, Says Pete Cashmore of Mashable after he starting getting phishing scam messages in his Facebook Inbox. He ststed he is seeing message that seem to be nefarious from “.be” domains. The subject line of the mails is “Look at This”.

If you receive such a mail, DO NOT click links to the following sites:


Just like with Twitter’s Mikeyy attacks, these scams arelaunched during the weekends because many websites have less staff on hand to deal with them.

What To Do According to Mashable:

If you receive one of these Facebook mails, simply delete it – one of your friends is infected but not you. If you find, however, that your account is sending the mails:

1. As a precaution, go to your browser settings and clear your cookies.

2. Change your Facebook password

3. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date and run a full system scan

4. Buy a Friggin Macintosh Ya Putz ( Ok that one was from me ).

Source: Mashable.com

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