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SeatGuru iPhone App Gets You Great Airline Seats

SeatGuru for iPhone is a iOS application by Trip advisor that helps you find great seats on your flights. SeatGuru iPhone warns you of overhead screen, busy lavatories, galleys and more. SeatGuru will also tell you where the bulkhead seats are located if you need the extra leg room like me.

Seat Guru by Trip Advisor is free and is available in the App Store. If you don’t have an iPhone don’t worry the web based  service is still available and it rocks just as much. I’ve used it for years

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Dollar Shave Club Has Great Customer Service

I absolutely love Dollar Shave Club! Even after a potential #FAIL I still love this company. They just informed me they are not shipping my razors today and I’m not mad at them… Why? Because of the way they handled the situation. I say even more they deserve your support. Besides that you’ll have a nice smooth grill so you can holla at the ladies!


Dollar Shave Club has some great customer service. This video is a quick reminder of how a little good communication with your customers can go a long way in the CRM (customer relationship management) arena of doing business.

### What’s Dollar Shave Club

If you don’t know what Dollar Shave Club is… It’s a subscription based service that mails out quality men’s shaving razors for some crazy insane low prices.

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Trey Ratcliff Tips on Shooting Fireworks featuring Tom Anderson


]During the Oahu Photowalk Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms.com) and Tom Anderson (formerly of Myspace.com) give us a few tips on shooting Fireworks

Shot on a Sony NEX-5 with a 18mm-55mm lens in the pouring down rain on Oahu, Waikiki Beach behind the Sheraton Waikiki during the Oahu Festival.

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