Snooth for iPhone: This Wine List is BadAss

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Snooth is the world’s largest and fastest growing community of wine lovers. From beginners to experts, we help everyone find better wine.  Snooth is the world’s most comprehensive wine site, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines. With the slew of cutting edge features that we have pioneered, Snooth is changing the way people buy wine.

Now even of you are a wine noob you can look like a connoisseur  with the Snooth Wine iPhone App.

The app is FREE my favorite iPhone app price and it is very useful. Being location aware it will bring over 1 million wines to you phone in a handy and easy to use database. It will hook you up wit pricing, reviews, and what stores have you tasty libation in stock.

Snooth iPhone Application 1.0 Demo from Snooth on Vimeo.

Using Snooth’s iPhone application to search for wines within a zipcode, read reviews, and compare prices worldwide. Music by Orba Squara –

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