Sake 101: Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo Tasting Notes

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Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo – Presentation Transcript

  1. Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo
  2. Brewery: Shibata Gomei Prefecture: Aichi Ricetype: Komekouji Seimaibuai: 55% Alcohol Content: 15.8% Sake Meter Value: +4.0 Acidity: 1.4 Sake Name English: Midnight Moon
  3. Tasting Notes This Junmai Ginjo (no alcohol added heavily polished) is light and smooth starting out with a fruity and nutty taste and smooths out with a crisp green apple finish This sake has the nose of white peaches, and apricots (stone fruits). Soft Crisp Mouthfeel Fruit Forward Easy Drinker Serve Chilled
  4. Talking Points Aichi Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the southeast of the Tokai region of in the center of Honshū. Aichi is shaped like a crab. Aichi is the home of Nagoya. Recommended Dishes This sake is a great pork and grilled meats. Can be served as a stand alone.

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