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Welcome Our Newest Host

As some of you know I do a HD Video version of Meeto World Sake 101 Podcast every with my friends Linzy (@lalalinzy) & Topher (@Topher808). We normally discuss all things Sake 101 and sake related with a good splash of Japanese lessons and pure silliness. Well we’ve slightly upgraded to show a bit… we have two new co-host to add to the madness. Sake Lovers and Rest of the World meet Avy (@aaavious) and Marie (@mariemulan) our newest additions. They will surely bring smiles to your faces as they chime in with their ideas on sake, Japanese food and culture and of course making trouble to me.

We also will be showing you the great input from our Super-Student Colin (@colin800).

Please welcome them, follow them on twitter and check out their personal blogs as well. I am giving you all the links so you can easily find them. I know you will enjoy the twisted musings of our new crew as much as I do.

The MeetoWorld Crew

Doc (Host):
Linzy (Host):
Avy (Co-Host):
Marie (Lil Gangster):
Topher (Producer):
Phillip (Korean Teacher):
Colin (Super Student):

You can find us live Every Sunday on Ustream at and Follow us on Twitter @MeetoWorld

FYI: Meeto World is a Language school currently teaching Japanese, Korean and soon Chinese online! check out our weekly Ustream shows for Japanese and Sake lessons for now! Why Meeto World? Well Meeto is a play on the katakana pronunciation of “meet” or “meet up”. Meeto also is a play on “Mi” for “3” and “Tomodachi” for “Friends” as in Japanese we often truncate and concatenate words. Lastly the old school way of pronouncing the number “3” and “10” would been “Mee Tou” and “Ten Sai”. (Tensai also means “Genius” just to add that special touch).

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  1. Avy August 4, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

    Heey when’s the next shoot? We should drink some siu Jao next time!!


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