HowTo: Carry Lotion in a Contact Case

I saw this and thought it was pure brilliance. I have been traveling to the west coast very often and am learning to travel light. I have noticed when going to the Norstrom’s or Macy’s looking for small sizes of after shave moisturizer the little containers are a major rip-off. Hey, No people, I’m not metro I have Pseudofolliculitis Barbae so moisturizing after a shave is paramount.

I found this article on LifeHacker that shows how to use one of the abandoned contact cases that are floating around in your bathroom drawers. This was a awesome revelation just make sure you mark it good or you’ll be shoving Kiehls in you friggin eye.

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  1. Chris Lopa March 29, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    What up Rock Star? I need help w/taming me back-o-de-melon razor bumps! They ruin the sexy! More tips please!

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