Hawaii Tsunami Warning Video Featured on Huffington Post

My Tsunami Warning video featured on Huffington Post. What an honor;

The other night I was enjoying so Sake at the Sake Shop Hawaii one of my favorite Nihonshu shopping stomps when I got a Tweetbot notification saying there was a seismic event neat Be that was going to cause a Tsunami to hit the coast of the Hawaiian Islands in a few hours. It seemed as if nobody else had heard the news and being unfortunately accustomed to these false alarms I don’t think many people cared.

Just to be certain I went outside and there were the sirens wailing the emergency warnings. Naturally I bought some sake and headed home to batten down the hatches. Much to my surprise the local police force was already shutting down the streets. I made it in the house and shot this video with my iPhone 5 and promptly posted it to my YouTube Channel

It was just a simple video describing how I was feeling about another slight necessary but overactive evacuation by our city officials. Mostly because as a DJ the big EPIC Halloween Party we had planned for our club was gonna be cancelled.

Surprisingly people were all over twitter so once i shared it I got a request to have my video featured on Huffington Post. What an honor; however, they do not give any link back love to my site. That’s kind of rude I think.

Any way just wanted to share this little anecdote with you.

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