Gmail Priority Inbox? Good Idea or Not?

I’ve been looking at all the fallout over Google’s new Gmail Priority Inbox function.  I haven’t really dove in just yet mostly because I am a devotee to Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero approach and aren’t quite sure how the Gmail version will be any better.  Let me preface this by saying IBZ (Inbox Zero) is a huge lifestyle switch and takes some time to get used to but once it’s going it totally works. Then one week you super slammed like last week and I did not have time to keep the inbox balanced and now I have a mountain of crap in my mailboxes.

This is why I am thinking about using the Gmail Priority Inbox method. After reading articles on TechCrunch I am more confused as they had this to say:

Of course, this introduces a new dynamic to the way a lot of people are going to be reading email. Email intros will become ever more important, because you’ll want to ensure that your message gets marked with coveted ‘important’ tag. It also has much broader implications. Increasingly, content will be displayed to you based on its importance rather than its time stamp — not just when it comes to browsing email, but for social networks and other content as well.
Ok now what? Do you have any ideas on the matter. I’m curious! and well to see if anybody actually read what I write 🙂
Please let me know.

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  1. timh October 8, 2010 at 12:11 am #

    The solution is to let go. I tried staying on top of things, it gets overwhelming, so now… i have exactly 3749 unread messages in my box, and it feels fine. I catch most of the important stuff, and let everything else go. I know if somethings that important they’ll either email again, or call or text. Matter of fact, theres a gmail labs feature to hide your unread count, so you wont feel bad about it.

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