Clean Your Desktop or Downloads Folder Fast with Hazel

If you’re anything like me you have tons of files in your downloads folder and your desktop folder. Sometimes this can get little bit messy and even make it hard to find your files. Or if you just like to keep your folders neat tidy and super clean I have the perfect solution for you.

Hazel is an application created by Noodlesoft designed to help you automate Finder task. These tests include the sorting and renaming of files among many other thousands of tricks up Hazel’s sleeve.

This video shows you one of the many tricks is akin to with keeping messy folders well-organized through Hazel’s automation system. Imagine Hazel as AppleScript for dummies, you don’t need to know how to code anything to automate some your favorite Finder task.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you find his or useful please jump over to the sauce website and pick up a copy today. Hazel is $19 and available for purchase on the main website.

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