Blogging from MacJournal v5.2 a.k.a Desktop Blogging Redux


Testing One Two Three
I recently received a copy of MacJournal(version 5.2) via a MacHeist Bundle promotion. I had used this software before (version 1) but decided to stick with my tried and true Moleskine Noteboks for journaling as they were much easier at the time. Fast-forward to the days of The Holy Trinity” (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and the ability to blog on the fly. I thought it was a great time to revisit this MacJournal thingie.

The Back Story
My first attempts to use this software was a big FAIL with WordPress based blogging environments and it quickly got Hazeled off my Mac. It just had so many issues with formatting and odd characters ending up in my post. since them WordPress has grown up so when i got this bundle for pretty much free no the less it was a no brainer to try again or waste this copy of MJ.

What They Say
On MacJournal’s Mothership at Mariners Software they posted this little ditty about the updated blogging features of this release of MJ:

MacJournal Supports these and many other blog sites…


The Modern Day Substitute for the Pen and Paper
Take the convenience of documenting a thought or event with pen and paper and add the power of blogging, calendaring, password protection, and high-powered search capabilities and what do you have?

The 2010 version of managing your ideas and daily events.

I can do this with my word processor, can’t I?
We get this question so much that we had to include it onto the main MacJournal page. In a nutshell, yes, you can. Any word processor or text editor (Mariner Write, TextEdit, that one developed in Redmond, WA) will work as a journaling app.

But that’s not what they were developed for.

Would Lance Armstrong use a bike purchased at WalMart to race in the Tour de France? He could…but would his times be as fast as if he rode on a bike designed for racing?

Probably not.

The same theory applies with MacJournal. We have developed and designed this product with only the journaler in mind. Could a word processing application give you two levels of security, one-click blogging (even to your mobileme account), audio, .mac syncing, and nested, multiple journal capabilities?

Probably not.

The iPhone App
They have an App for that too: With MacJournal for iPhone You Can:

  • Create entries in multiple journals.
  • Sync* with your copy of MacJournal on your Mac. Edit your entry on the fly then sync it up when you get back to your Mac. Data syncing will occur over a shared wireless network.
  • Blog from your journal on your iPhone or iPod Touch to one of a list of popular servers such as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, or WordPress.
  • Set a passcode to lock your data upon opening MacJournal.
  • Have consistent and familiar look and feel on both iPhone version and Mac OS X version.
  • Search or browse entries by using the search field at the top of each journal screen.
  • Customize the display of journals and entries.
  • Journal in either landscape or portrait mode.

Well Here goes the first test post of MacJournal we will see how well this worked with all of the new fangled stuffes and updates. They claim to be able to do Audio podcasting and Video Post as well we will thes that after we see if this works as directed.


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