Raised in Washington, DC, Shawn came to Hawaii soon after graduating high school with among the tops of his class as a leader of various activities and clubs. That two week vacation turned into an over a quarter-century long love of the Islands.

His mother being a hospital administrator and his father part of the Army, Shawn joined the United States Army’s Medical Corps to fulfill the legacies of both of his parents. During his tenure as a “Ranger Medic” Shawn gain the leadership experience and think on your feet attitude that gained him the moniker “Doc” that he is know by even to this day.

Shawn has since worked in Print, Radio, Film and Television and is kind of a local elebrity. Always wanting to know the how and why he has worked on both sides of media production. Having a love for new media and business led Shawn back to school in 2000 where he has since gain three degrees in eBusiness and Information Technology from University of Hawaii’s Kapiolani Campus and Japanese from Tokai Daigaku Shonan Campus in Kanagawa-ken, Japan in 2006.




September 12th, 2007

political views

Independent but loving Obama

religious views

Universal Higher Powers and a knowledge and respect for many religions has been the best form for me even thought I was raised Catholic. Blame it on living in Japan and growing up not wanting to be a follower


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